Hastic Beta release on GrafanaCon LA 2019

GrafanaCon LA 2019 ended recently, at which Alexey Velikiy spoke about Hastic and we've released Beta!. That was a lot of fun.

Since Hastic was presented on Monitorama AMS 2018, many impovements have been done (see the presentation below) and it was tested by several companies and a real case was closed. We can say how that it is kind of stable.

Therefore, on GrafanaCon we presented Hastic Beta. Some major highlights are: Graphite / Prometheus / ElasticSearch / PostgreSQL / TimescaleDB support, threshold detector, analytics units, webhooks and many others. A few words about the new platform and its advantages. More in release notes.

The business model of Hastic

We officially announced services we provide for Hastic users:

We want more integrations with platforms and databases! At the moment we provide individual support in Hastic installation and operation, to anyone who decided to set it up.

Try Hastic Beta

Follow download page to get the Beta.

You can ask questions about Hastic and about the presentation simply by writing to us at ping@hastic.io.


Download presentation in .pdf