Anomaly detector: upper / lower bounds

There are cases when crossing one of the bounds is not an anomaly.
P.S. We know it is a bad UI and we’ll change Disable bound config with options None, Upper, Lower to Bounds with options Both, Upper, Lower. ¯\(ツ)

Upper bound example

In case of network load it might be interesting to see only jumps, not drops.

Webhook images

To see the context of alert, there is an image in webhook now:

Hastic Telegram Bot

We published hastic-telegram-bot for sending Hastic webhooks to Telegram. The image above is from Telegram.


Hastic Grafana App


  • “Browser access type is not supported” message #345


  • New “Inspect” icon #351
  • “Create” / “Add” labels #342

Hastic Server


  • Anomaly detector: option for disabling upper / lower bound #701
  • Segment info in webhooks #693
  • “[PATTERN DETECTED]” in webhooks message #560
  • Image for webhook #705


  • Error: Request failed with status code 406 #605