It's a big change. We reworked the core of Hastic Server and fixed deep problems in the execution model: hanging analytics and not-ending learning. Hastic Server is much more stable now.


Not-ending learning problem

Analytics could get stuck while learning / detecting. Now it always returns a result or throws an error.

Hanging analytics problem

Analytics could be "not alive" and don't respond. It's because of main execution thread could be blocked by learning and detection. In this change we:

Thanks @matthiasendler for helpful tips.

NOTE: don't forget to re-install analytics' dependencies if you're build hastic-server from source. One of the key dependencies (pyzmq) needs update.

Hastic App / Hastic Server sync

Every change you make in the "Analytics" / "Webhook" tab is sent to hastic-server immediately. Then, server stores it in DB. So we don't rely on "Save" button anymore. Visit our Wiki page to learn more.

Hastic metrics exporter for Prometheus

Hastic-server is a service that consumes a lot of resources and generates errors. We introduced some metrics you can monitor. It's possible to export these metrics with the new exporting tool. We will write more about that in a future post.


Hastic Grafana App


Hastic Server